Adoption from Guardian Deed Format

Adoption from Guardian

Adoption from Guardian Deed Format

This deed of adoption made on this 10th day of July 1999 between Aman, son of Bhushan, residing at 5 Rayapethah High Road, Chennai 600 014 (hereinafter called the first party) of the first part and Guddu, son of Mohan, residing at 10 Thyagaraya Road, T. Nagar, Chennai 600 017 (hereinafter called the second party) of the second part.

Whereas the first party has no son, son’s son or son’s son’s son living and was desirous of adopting a son a male child and approached the second party who has been appointed a Guardian of Jitendra son of Karan aged about 8 years (hereinafter called the adoptee) by the Court of District Judge at …………… in order to give Jitendra in adoption to the first party.

CHILD ADOPTION 1 - Adoption from Guardian Deed Format

And whereas the second party competent to give the adoptee in adoption because of the death of the child’s parents in an accident on ……………..  has agreed to give him in adoption to the first party.

And whereas the second party has been permitted by Order No. …………… dated ……………  in Act VIII case No. ………… of ……………. Judge, Howrah to give the adoptee in adoption to the first party.

And whereas the physical act of giving and taking Jitendra in adoption and other customary ceremonies including the dattaka homam were performed on 15th June, 1999 in the presence of relatives and friends of both the parties at ………………

And whereas the parties considered it expedient and necessary that a proper Deed of Adoption be executed as an authentic record of such adoption.

Now this deed witnesseth as follows:

1. The parties do hereby declare that the FIRST PARTY as his son has duly adopted the adoptee, Jitendra, on the 15th June 1999 at the time and place mentioned above.

            2. That the said adoptee Jitendra has and shall have from the date of the said adoption all the legal rights of an adopted son as conferred by the Hindu Law.

          3.  That the first party shall be responsible for the maintenance and education of the said Jitendra and the first party hereby agrees to bring up his adopted son as his natural born son and according to his status in life.

          4.  That the second party shall have no claim hereinafter to the custody of the said Jitendra or in relation to him.

          5.  That the first party has neither paid nor shall make any payment or give other reward in consideration of giving the adoptee Jitendra in adoption, to the second party.

In witness whereof Aman and Guddu have executed these presents on the day, month and year first above written.

Signed and delivered by Aman and Guddu in presence of:

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