Adoption Without Consent of Step-Mother Deed Format

Adoption without Consent of Step-mother

Adoption Without Consent of Step-Mother Deed Format

This deed of adoption is made this 6th day of September 1999 between AB, son of MN aged 30 years by religion Hindu, residing at BC 22 Salt Lake, Calcutta 700 064 (hereinafter referred to as the adoptive father) of the one part and CD, son of LK aged 28 years, by religion Hindu, residing at 18 C.R. Avenue, Calcutta 700 069 (hereinafter referred to as the natural father), of the other part.

child 1 - Adoption Without Consent of Step-Mother Deed Format

Whereas the adoptive father has no son, grandson or great-grandson living and he is desirous of adopting a male child to be his son and the son of his wife, WF.

And whereas the adoptive father approached CD the natural father for adopting one of his sons, now aged about 3 years.

And whereas the natural father has agreed to give his son EF in adoption to the adoptive father.

And whereas the adoptive father has obtained the consent of his wife WF to the said adoption.

And whereas the natural mother of the said child EF is dead and the natural father being married to MN who is the step-mother of the child EF and the consent of the step-mother MN not being necessary for the said adoption.

And whereas there is no impediment either in law or in fact for taking in adoption by the adoptive father or giving in adoption by the natural FATHER of the said EF.

Now these presents witnesseth and the parties hereby record and agree as follows:

The said natural father after performing the necessary religious ceremony before a gathering of friends and relatives of both the parties held at the residence of natural father on 5th September 1999 at 7 p.m. has given the said EF his son to the adoptive father who has taken the said EF in adoption as his son.

The said EF the adopted child shall have all the legal rights of a natural son of the adoptive father from this day.

In witness whereof the said AB the adoptive father, his wife WF and the said CD the natural father have executed these presents after the said ceremony was over and in presence of their friends and relatives on the day, month and year first above-written.



2.                                                                                     Signature of AB



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