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    Agmark Certification

    Agmark certification works similar to a quality benchmark or authenticity for all agricultural products produced in India. The word “Agmark” is derived from the mixture of two words, “Ag” and “Mark”, meaning agricultural and certification mark. So as to offer the consumers authentic and reliable quality products, the Govt of India has defined the Agmark Certification Act, 1937 (and amended in 1986) by passing this bill in our parliament. Agmark certification process helps to form certified all the agricultural products before hitting the market. The Current AGMARK (Grading and Marketing) Act covers about 205 different types of agricultural products and commodities. Presently it includes Pulses, Essential oils, Cereals, Vegetable oils, Fruits, Vegetables, and a few semi-processed commodities. This Agmark certification is extremely vital for all retailers and whole sellers across the country so as to sell their products to a large base of consumers.

    Agmark Certification Process in India

    India is one of the highest populated country and Agriculture is the main source of income for many of the people. Therefore, Agmark registration is inavoidable when it involves retail marketing or buying and selling. In India, AGMARK (Grading and Marketing) Act comes into existence in the year 1937 and it then amended in the year 1986 so as to incorporate more and more numbers of commodities and agricultural products. Lately, AGMARK Act covers quite 205 agricultural products and commodities in India. And this authenticity mark is sort of inevitable for all business entrepreneurs and salesmen across the country. As India exports its large chunk of agricultural products and commodities to the international market therefore, all the products got to be certified under AGMARK Act as per the planet Trade Organization (WTO). 

    Agmark Certification

    Documents required for Agmark Application Proceedings:

    • Copy of test report(s), authenticated, from independent Agmark recognized lab.
    • Document authenticating establishment of the firm, like Registration by Company Registrar 
    • State Authority or Memorandum of Article in case Applicant Firm is a Ltd. company
    • Partnership Deed if the applicant firm is under Partnership
    • Name of the products 
    • Name of the applicant 
    • Name of the Firm/ Company 
    • Address of the Firm/ Company 
    • Sample of the product(in a pouch of 500 gm.or 1 kg. 
    • Started period of time of product(specify exact Date/Month/year) 
    • Total gross product in K.g. (for last year) 
    • Turnover of last year

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