Agreement Between A Cinema Artist And Producer Deed Format

Agreement between a Cinema Artiste and Producer

Agreement Between A Cinema Artist And Producer Deed Format

An agreement made this the …………………… day of …………… 2000  between Mr. ………… son of etc. …………………………. the proprietor/partner …………….. a film producing concern named ……………. having its office at ……………….. (hereinafter called the producer) of the One Part and CD son/wife/daughter of etc……………… of ……………. Road ………………… (hereinafter called the artiste) of the Other Part.

In consideration of good, faithful and diligent services to be rendered and the covenants and conditions to be observed and performed, the producer hereby engages and appoints the artiste (who has passed the requisite sound and screen tests) as ……………. in the film or picture named and styled as ……….. to be produced by the producer (or in such films or pictures as may be produced from time to time) on inter alia terms hereunder mentioned, viz.:

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1. That the artiste will maintain himself/herself physically fit and act in any role to be selected by the director, answer and obey all notices and calls and regularly and punctually attend at the studio and/or the office of the producer or such other place or places as required by the producer ………………. for rehearsals and the shootings of the said film and other purposes in connection therewith and observe and submit to all rules and regulations of the establishment in force from time to time in that behalf.

2. The artiste shall devote exclusively and work solely for the producer during the subsistence of this agreement and shall on no account act in any capacity elsewhere nor pose for photograph or be interested in any other shooting free or on payment.

3. That the artiste shall whenever required speak, act, sign, dance and play on instruments as the case may be and act and perform to the best of his/her ability, also allow the producer to take her photographs in any costumes, dress and poses, and to get her voice recorded either on tape, gramophone, disc, etc. and do all other acts, deeds and things, make all such services available as may be required by the producer for completion of the said film and exploitation thereof.

4. The producer shall be the sole proprietor of ……….. and so entitled to the copyright and other rights of all pictures, photographs, both positive and negative, sketches, records of songs and other music in which the artiste shall appear in connection with production and the artiste shall have no claim whatsoever to any one of them on any account.

5. The artiste shall not object to his/her name or any other name chosen by the producer as her film name or his/her photographs to be printed and published in all advertisements, posters, cards, booklet and other literature as desired by the producer.

6. As remuneration for all the services to be rendered, the producer shall pay a sum of
Rs. …………. to the artiste of which Rs. …………. is to be paid simultaneously with the execution of this agreement and a sum of Rs. ………… when the shootings of the film have been completed and a similar sum of Rs……….. immediately after the day of release of the said film. The total sum of Rs……….. thus to be paid under this contract constitutes the full consideration of the agreement paid or to be paid by the producer to the artiste. The artiste shall have a lien on the picture for all amounts unpaid.

7. In case any prearranged shooting engagement or rehearsal has to be cancelled, postponed or otherwise become infructuous owing to any act, default or negligence or inefficiency, irregularity on the part of the artiste or if he/she otherwise fails and/or neglects to perform his/her part of the agreement in the manner provided herein, he/she shall be liable for all costs thrown away and also further for all loss or damages sustained by the producer including loss of goodwill of the producer in addition to the termination of his/her services under this contract at the option of the producer. This clause, however, will not be operative in cases of absence on the part of the artiste on medical grounds certified by a qualified doctor or in case where he/she suffers any injury in course of employment while in performance of his/her part under this agreement.

8. In the event of shootings at any place or places outside the studio, the producer shall bear and pay for all costs, charges and expenses of travelling by ……….. rail, car, bus or air at the discretion of the producer and shall also arrange for his/her free board and lodging.

9. In the event of loss or deterioration of health or personal injuries to the artiste by reason by fire accident or any act of default or negligence on the part of the producer in course of shooting or its rehearsal but not arising out of any wilful act, default or negligence on his/her part, the producer shall be liable to pay his/her compensation as provided by the law in force from time to time.

10. In case any differences or disputes shall arise between the parties hereto in relation to these presents or the rights or obligations of the parties the same shall be referred to Mr. Z for decision and award which shall be binding and conclusive upon the parties. The provisions of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996 and any modifications thereof shall be applicable.

In witness whereof the parties hereto have executed these presents on the day, month and year first above-written.

Signed and delivered by AB

the producer

Signed and delivered by CD

the artiste


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