Agreement Between A Company And Its Employees Deed Format

Agreement Between A Company And Its Employees

Agreement Between A Company And Its Employees Deed Format

AB Ltd. 57 G.C. Avenue, Calcutta 700 013

General Rules for Service

1. Every employee shall perform his duty honestly and diligently and shall carry out any order or work entrusted or asked to do by his departmental senior or by a director. He shall have to do any work other than his general assignment if he is required to do. He may be transferred from one work to another.

2. Generally office hours will be from 10 AM to 6 PM with a short recess for tea or lunch at a suitable time. However, any employee shall not refuse to work beyond above time if, sometimes, it is necessary to do so for office work.

3. Yearly increment, if any, will be as stated in salary scale. However, any staff member may get promotion to a higher post if directors feel so, looking to his efficiency and higher responsibilities. Salary shall be paid according to English calendar months.

4. Directors may relieve any employee from his service with (a) one calendar month’s notice in case of a permanent Staff; (b) one calendar month’s notice in case of a temporary one; and (c) at any time without serving notice in case of an apprentice. Any employee may be dismissed any time without any previous notice if he is found guilty of gross indiscipline, fraud, misappropriation or acting against the interest of the company. He may be degraded to a lower scale of salary if he is not found competent for the work and duties assigned to him.

5. Leave: Generally there will be 12 days’ casual leave in a year, and any further leave will be subject to deduction in salary. Employees going to their native places far away from West Bengal may be allowed additional leave with pay subject to the previous sanction of directors, who will decide whatsoever, looking to the circumstances stated in applications.


6. Bonus: There will be no hard and fast rules for payment of bonus which shall be in the absolute discretion of the directors who shall decide at the end of every year the bonus to be paid. However, there will be no liability on the part of the company to pay bonus if they cannot do so.

7. Temporary employees: Employees appointed on temporary or apprentice basis may be made permanent generally after completion of two years’ service or earlier in the absolute discretion of the directors if directors feel to do so. Any employee can be appointed on permanent basis from the beginning if it is felt to do so.

8. Provident fund: All permanent staff members or such temporary members, who are specifically approved by the directors will get benefit of the Provident Fund Scheme if it is maintained by the company.

9. Change: Directors have authority to make any changes at any time in the above general rules.

Appointment/Renewal of Service Order

Mr. XY

3 A.K. Road, Calcutta

is hereby informed that he has been appointed/his service has been renewed as an employee of this company subject to acceptance of general rules of service from 10th day of June 1999 under the following terms:

          (1)  General assignment of work.

               (Subject to changes)

          (2)  Permanent, temporary or apprentice.

          (3)  Scale of Salary.

          (4)  Starting salary from ………………                              

 (To be signed by employers)


AB Ltd.

57 G.C. Avenue, Calcutta

I have read and understood thoroughly the rules of service and the above terms of my appointment/renewal of my service, and I do hereby agree with all terms as above and I shall abide by all general rules of service which are now or may hereafter be in force and accordingly I accept my appointment/the renewal of my service with you.

(To be signed by the employee)

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