Agreement Between Manufacturer And Dealer Deed Format

Agreement between Manufacturer and Dealer

Agreement Between Manufacturer And Dealer Deed Format

This agreement is made on this …………….. day of ………… 1999 between AB carrying on business at …………………. under the name and style of AB & Co. (hereinafter called the manufacturer which term shall include its successors-in-interest) of the One Part and CD carrying on business at …………….. (hereinafter called the dealer which term shall include his successors and assigns) of the Other Part to the following effect:

1. The manufacturer shall supply and the dealer shall sell the whole of the seller’s existing stock of ………………. and other goods to be manufactured hereafter without any exception or reservation thereof.

2. The goods to be supplied shall be sold by the dealer strictly at listed prices to retailers for which he will be entitled to a commission of ……….% on all listed prices exclusive/inclusive of all railway freight (as may be agreed).

3. In case any portion of the goods shall remain unsold for over ….. months after supply and delivery, the dealer shall return the stock to the manufacturer.

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4. The dealer guarantees a minimum sale of the value of Rs. ……. per year. In case the same falls short by 25% or more for any consecutive two years or more, this agreement may at the option of either party be rescinded.

5. The manufacturer shall not, during the continuance of this agreement, appoint any other wholesale dealer in respect of identical or renovated products nor make nor supply nor to anyone sell any portion thereof other than the dealer.

6. Subject to what is stated in paragraph 4 hereof, this agreement shall remain in force for five years subject to the option of either party as provided therein and also subject to the condition that the dealer shall not, during the currency of this agreement sell or encourage the sale of identical or similar products of any other manufacturer.

7. Any differences and disputes relating to these presents or the rights or obligations of the parties hereto in relation to transactions covered by this agreement or arising out of or in relation to these presents shall be referred to the sole arbitrator Mr. XY for decision whose award shall be final and binding on the parties.

In witness whereof the parties hereto have executed these presents on the day, month and year first above-written.

Signed, sealed and delivered by AB the manufacturer in the presence of:

Signed, sealed and delivered by CD the dealer in the presence of:

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