Agreement Between Parent And Resident Governess Deed Format

Agreement Between Parent And Resident Governess

Agreement Between Parent And Resident Governess Deed Format

This agreement made the …………………… day of ……………between AB of, etc., (hereinafter called the employer) of the One Part and CD of etc., (hereinafter called the governess) of the Other Part. Whereby it is agreed as follows:

1. The employer will employ the governess to take care of and look after moral welfare, discipline, good habits and health of the children and enrich their mind with other accomplishments and best thoughts and teach them in such branches of arts and science and general education as are usually required by or given to children of their respective ages.

2. The hours of instructions shall be …… hours daily excluding Sundays or other holidays as shall be fixed by the employer.

3. The governess shall take sole charge of the said children between the hours of …….. and …………… each day, except during the vacation and impart education to them.

4. The governess shall be entitled to a …………’s continuous vacation in each year at such time as the employer shall approve.

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5. In consideration of the service so to be rendered as aforesaid, the employer will pay to the governess an annual sum of Rs. …..………….. as her salary by quarterly or monthly payments of Rs. ..……………. each and a further sum of Rs. ….………….. per week for her washing allowance.

6. The employer shall provide the governess with suitable accommodation with necessary furniture, fittings, etc., and also books and instruments for coaching the children.

7. The governess will duly and faithfully perform the duties aforesaid during her engagement to the utmost of her ability, and conform in all respects to the reasonable requirements of the employer or his wife and the rules and regulations of his establishment.

8. The governess shall accompany and will never refuse to accompany the employer to any place or places wherever the employer shall be staying with the children.

9. The governess shall be entitled to one month’s privilege leave and sick leave not exceeding 30 days in the aggregate with full pay during the continuity of her service under the employer and not otherwise.

10. This agreement may be determined at any time by either party by giving either of them …………… month’s notice in writing. Provided, however, if the governess fails and/or neglects to take proper care of the children to the reasonable satisfaction of the employer or does any act jeopardising their mind, health, safety or education, then and in such an event the employer shall be entitled to dismiss her forthwith upon payment of her salary up till date irrespective of the service of any notice upon her.

In witness, etc.                                                 

Signed, sealed and delivered                                                                 AB


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