Agreement Between Solicitor And A Company Deed Format

Agreement Between Solicitor And A Company

Agreement Between Solicitor And A Company Deed Format

An agreement made the ………… day of ………… 2000 between AB & Co., whose registered office is situate at, etc. (hereinafter called the client), of the One Part, and CD of etc. (hereinafter called the solicitor), of the Other Part: Whereby it is agreed as follows:

1. The client does hereby appoint the solicitor, and the solicitor accepts the appointment to act for the client as solicitor in all its legal affairs requiring the employment of a solicitor, including all matters relating to conveyancing, compensation, litigation proceedings and otherwise.

2. The remuneration of the solicitor, for all his work and labour as aforesaid shall be a sum of Rs. ………. fixed per annum, payable by monthly instalments of Rs. …………………

3. All disbursements and out-of-pocket expenses incurred by the solicitor in or relating to the client’s business shall be paid by the client for which the solicitor shall submit proper bills accompanied by vouchers.

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4. The solicitor shall, during the continuance of this agreement devote himself solely and exclusively to the legal business of the client, and shall not act as solicitor for any other person or persons except his own relations.

5. The solicitor shall, during the continuance of this agreement, conduct the said business of the client to the best of his skill and ability, and shall be entitled to employ, at the client’s expense, and with his approval, a sufficient number of staff of competent clerks and servants to carry on the said business promptly and satisfactorily.

6. Either party may determine this agreement by a notice in writing to the other party stating his or their intention to determine the same on the expiration of ……… months from the date of such notice, and the client may determine this agreement forthwith in the event of any fraud, misconduct or neglect of duties on the part of the solicitor. Upon the determination of this agreement and payment of the said salary due up to such determination, and payment of all disbursements and out-of-pocket expenses incurred up to the date thereof, the solicitor shall deliver all deeds, documents and papers in his possession relating to the business of the client or as the client shall direct, and shall continue to afford him all reasonable assistance for concluding pending matters at the date of such determination without making any charge therefor.

In witness etc.                                             

Signed, sealed and delivered, etc.                                                          AB


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