Agreement With Agent For Procuring Purchaser Deed Format

Agreement with Agent for Procuring Purchaser

main object of company 7 - Agreement With Agent For Procuring Purchaser Deed Format

Agreement With Agent For Procuring Purchaser Deed Format

From AB(intended vendor)

To   CD (agent)

Re:  Premises No. ………..

Dear Sir

In consideration of your procuring a purchaser by your initiative and labour for my property known as, etc., before the ………… day of …………. at the price not below the sum of Rs. …………., or such less price, if any, to which I may hereafter agree, I agree to pay you a commission at the rate of ……… per cent on the amount of the purchase money actually received by me. You shall not be entitled to any commission on such part of the said purchase money as shall be paid to the mortgagee to redeem property, such part not exceeding Rs……… in all. All unpaid sums kept outstanding by the purchaser on security of the said property or otherwise shall be deemed to have been actually received by me. I shall not engage nor appoint any other agent or agents for procuring a purchaser or purchasers so long as the authority hereunder given to you will remain valid. The above-mentioned commission shall not be payable in case the intended sale falls through or otherwise does not materialise for any reason whatsoever. This authority shall remain valid until …….. day of …….. when it shall automatically lapse and stand cancelled.

I agree and accept                                                                                Yours faithfully

           CD                                                                                                      AB

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