Apprenticeship Deed Format

Apprenticeship Deed

Apprenticeship Deed Format

This apprenticeship deed, made the ………… day of ……… 2000 between AB of, etc. (hereinafter called the master), of the first part, CD of, etc. (hereinafter called the father), of the second part, and EF, son of CD, aged ……… years (hereinafter called the apprentice), of the third part, witnesses as follows:

1. The apprentice, of his own free will and accord and with the knowledge and consent of the father, hereby agrees to be bound as a good and regular apprentice to the master in the trade (or, etc.), of, etc., and to serve the master for a term of …… years from the date hereof.

2. As consideration for imparting technical knowledge and education to the apprentice the father of the apprentice has paid to the master a sum of Rs. …………as premium (the receipt of which the master hereby acknowledges).

3. The master hereby agrees with the father and the apprentice jointly and severally as follows:

         (a) The master shall throughout the said term teach, give instruction and lessons and train the apprentice to the best of his knowledge and/or cause him otherwise efficiently trained and instructed, in the trade or business of, etc., as carried on by the master and in all matters and things appertaining thereto, provided that the apprentice shall always be regular and punctual and make his best services available to the master and obey all lawful commands of the master, and commit no breach of duty or act of indiscipline or any of the conditions of the contract by the apprentice herein contained.

         (b)  The master shall, during the period of apprenticeship, pay the apprentice
Rs. ………each week (or month) during the first year and Rs. ………a week (or month) during the second and every subsequent year of the apprenticeship as his allowance.

         (c)  The master shall give all facilities and always provide the apprentice during the period of apprenticeship with adequate tools and implements to work with as may be necessary or requisite to receive lessons and instructions in the particular trade and with suitable board and lodging, and also medical attendance and medicines during sick periods.

         (d)  The master shall not require the apprentice to work at the said trade on Sundays or other public holidays, or more than………hours during any other week/ days………hours during any Saturday.

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4. The father hereby agrees with the master as follows:

         (a)  The father shall provide the apprentice during the period of apprenticeship with suitable clothing and all other necessaries of life, except board, lodging, medical attendance, medicine, tools and materials.

         (b)  The father shall pay the master as premium (if it is payable by instalments) in the following manner, namely, etc.

5. And this deed further witnesses and the father and the apprentice jointly and severally agree with the master as follows:

         (a)  That the apprentice shall faithfully and obediently serve the master during the period of apprenticeship in the said trade and shall obey all lawful and reasonable commands of the master and behave himself properly, honestly and diligently in all respects.

         (b)  That the apprentice shall at all times cautiously handle all tools and implements provided for by the master and never cause any mischief or damage nor wilfully waste or spoil or remove any property nor divulge, otherwise make known, to others any trade secret nor injure the master in his trade nor neglect his duty or make himself absent therefrom without leave except in case of sudden illness of which immediate notice should be given to the master.

         (c)  The apprentice shall not work nor serve elsewhere during the period of apprenticeship and shall always preserve and maintain the secrets of the trade imparted to him.

         (d)  That the master shall have power to reimburse himself against loss caused by absence, negligence or misconduct of the apprentice out of the allowance payable to him.

6. Provided, however, and notwithstanding anything herein before contained, it is hereby further agreed by and between the parties as follows:

         (a)  The master shall have the power always by one week’s notice in writing to determine this agreement in case of gross negligence, misconduct, dereliction of duty on the part of the apprentice, or in the event of default being made in payment of any instalment or instalments of the said premium.

         (b)  In case the master or the apprentice shall die or become permanently incapacitated during the said term, or the master shall cease to carry on the said trade, the master or his executors or administrators shall refund the father a part of the premium, proportionate to the period of the said term then unexpired, and all liabilities hereunder of the parties hereto or their executors or administrator, shall thereupon stand determined.

         (c)  If the apprentice shall duly and faithfully serve the master throughout the said term, the master will employ the apprentice as a, etc., in his said trade for the period of ……… years at wages of no less than Rs. ………per month.

In witness whereof the parties hereto have executed these presents on the day, month and year first above-written.

Signed, sealed and delivered by AB, CD and EF

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