Change Business Activity

Change Business Activity

Make sure your company’s business activities are updated with MCA

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    What are the business objectives and change?

    When particularly talking about the corporate, the business objectives are defined within the main object clause of MoA. These objectives define the scope of the company’s principal business activities within which it’s going to operate. a corporation cannot undertake those activities, which aren’t prescribed in its object clause.

    With the reason for expansion or strategic changes, a corporation may require to undertake new activities or update commercial activity in MoA. this alteration in the object clause of MoA is feasible after the consent of shareholders and therefore the approval from Ministry.

    Why change the business objective?

    • New Activities to be undertaken: The addition of the latest activities is that the main reason to vary business objectives. The change is additionally backed by the vertical or horizontal expansion of the activities, which weren’t mentioned while company incorporation. Therefore, before undertaking such activities, the corporate must undertake the change in commercial activity.
    • Takeover of the company: Many times a corporation may be a takeover by another company only for the sake of its market price built. The objects of the corporate acquired must be updated as needed for leading the business further. the thing are often changed either before or after the takeover counting on the need.
    • Remove abandoned activities: The company’s memorandum is accessible to a person, who may refer it before binding into contractual relationship. Hence, one must confirm that the objects are updated with the Ministry even by deleting those activities the corporate has abandoned to undertake.
    • Current activities are banned or prohibited: The Government policies may change anytime, which essentially affects the corporate and its operations. If the activities undertaken by a corporation is said to be prohibited or are banned, such an object must be faraway from MoA or changed completely, as needed.

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