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    Contractor License is simply a registration of a contractor with the concerned department. It means a contractor has got to register himself with the department he wants to figure with. Like, if he wants to figure with the Building Construction Department, he has got to first get himself or his firm enlisted with building construction department.

    In this article, we’ll discuss about contractor license in terms of Principal Contractor and Petty Contractor.

    Contractors are often either:

    1. Principal Contractor: he directly takes tender from department himself
    2. Petty Contractor: he’s employed under principal contractor consistent with terms of principal contractor

    Principal contractor has got to get Contractor License i.e., he has got to get himself registered with the department whereas, petty contractor doesn’t need to get contractor license as he’s employed under principal contractor.

    Documents required for Contractor License

    • Copy of Registration certificate, pan card and bye laws of firm or company
    • Copy of KYC Documents of householders
    • Copy of Character Certificate of householders

    Process of getting a Contractor License

    1. Preparation of documents
    2. Attestation of documents by a gazetted officer
    3. Filing of application with character certificate
    4. Payment of state challan
    5. Issue of Contractor license by the department

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