Copyright Registration

Copyright Registration

Give a legal backing to your creative work with Copyright Registration

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    What is the Copyright Registration?

    Copyright Registration confers upon its owner exclusive rights to repeat or reproduce the work or allow or give permission to a different person to try to so. Copyright is ordinarily possessed by the creator of the work. Copyrights also are transferable.

    Is copyright required to be registered?

    Copyright registration protects the rights of the inventors within the case of an infringement. this is often legal protection that no other can misuse the copyrighted of writer or creator in any sort of prescribed work without the consent of the owner.

    Copyright identifies the exclusive rights of the owner over an original/ unique work. like Music, books, development of software, making films, fashion designs, brochures, and training manuals all enjoy copyright protection, even without a copyright registration.

    Copyright protection

    Registering the work with the registrar of the copyright office is actually a copyright protection policy. It produces a public record of the work done and also you’ll subsequently sue anyone for copyright violation made. copyright registration is merely considered as clear evidence if done within 5 years of the creation of the work.

    Reasons for Copyright Registration

    1. Registration ensures legal protection
    2. It also secures goodwill
    3. It also restricts unlawful reproduction of the work of the creator
    4. global protection as the copyright in India is recognized virtually worldwide
    5. copyright registration helps in the creation of assets i.e. and intangible assets and may be sold, franchised or commercially contracted

      Copyright application must be prepared and it takes approx. 2 to 4 working days
      After filing an application, diary no. is issued then the applicant has got to await next 30 days for objections.
    • FILING
      In case of no objection, the scrutinizer will examine the appliance, and if no discrepancy is found then registration is approved by the registrar.
      After the appliance is approved by the registrar, extracts are going to be sent by the registrar to the applicant.
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    How long does copyright protection last?

    The copyright protection is valid for all times + 60 years after the death of the creator/author/owner.

    Work in which copyright subsists?

    Copyright shall subsist throughout India within the following class of works, i.e. to say

    • Cinematography film
    • Sound recording
    • Dramatic, musical
    • Artistic work
    • Original literary others

    Meaning of copyright

    It means the special right to try to or give consent to the doing of any of the subsequent acts in reference to the provisions of this Act, namely

    In the case of a literary, dramatic or musical work, which isn’t being a computer virus, to duplicate the add any material form including the following:

    • To issue copies of the work to the general public not being copies already in circulation.
    • To perform the added public, or communicate it to the general public.
    • To make any cinematography film or audio recording in respect of the work.
    • To make any translation of the work.
    • To make any adaptation of the work.
    • To do, in reference to a translation or an adaptation of the work, any of the acts specified et al..

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