Deed Of Assignment Of Growing Crops Deed Format

Deed Of Assignment Of Growing Crops

Deed Of Assignment Of Growing Crops Deed Format

This assignment is made the …………, day of ……… between AB of etc. (vendor), of the one part, and CD of, etc. (purchaser), of the other part.

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Whereas the said AB has agreed to sell to the said CD the crops of, etc., and grass now growing on the pieces of land hereinafter described, and all the benefits and advantages thereof, at the price of Rs. ……… now this deed witnesses that in consideration of the sum of Rupees ………, the receipt whereof the said AB hereby acknowledges, the said AB, as beneficial owner, hereby grants, sells and assigns to the said CD all the crops of, etc., and grass, which are now growing, arising and being on the pieces of land, etc. (describe the pieces of land specifically); together with full right, liberty and powers for the said CD and the servants, agents, labourers and other person or persons employed by him for that purpose either with or without cattle, carts, etc., from time to time, and at any time during the ensuing months of, etc., to enter upon the said piece of land or any part thereof for the purpose of checking the condition of the said crops and for the purpose of reaping, mowing and cutting the said crops, of, etc., and grass and removing the same, and also to do all such other acts and things as may be necessary or required for the purpose of obtaining the full benefit of this deed: to hold the same to the said CD absolutely.

In witness whereof etc.

Signed, sealed and delivered                                                                             AB

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