Deed Of Cancellation Of Apprenticeship Deed Format

Deed Of Cancellation Of Apprenticeship

Deed Of Cancellation Of Apprenticeship Deed Format

This deed is made the ……… day of ……… 1999 between AB of, etc. (hereinafter called the master), of the first part, CD of, etc. (hereinafter called the father), of the second part, and EF, son of CD, aged …… years (hereinafter called the apprentice) of the third part.

Whereas by a deed dated the ……… day of ……… and made between the said AB, CD and EF, the apprentice was, in consideration of Rs. …………, duly apprenticed to the master to learn the trade (or, etc.) of, upon the terms and stipulations therein expressed; and whereas disputes and differences have lately arisen between the said parties which could not be adjusted. Now this deed witnesses and it is hereby agreed between the parties as follows:

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1. In consideration of Rs. ……… to be paid by the father to the master (the receipt whereof the master hereby acknowledges), the said deed shall stand cancelled, determined and made void in all respects and to all intents and purposes whatsoever and it is hereby recorded that the said sum has been paid.

2. The master hereby accepts the sum of Rs. ………… in full discharge of all claims and demands whatsoever, which he may have or might set up against the father, either under or by virtue of the said deed, or otherwise howsoever.

3. No action or other proceedings whatsoever, civil or criminal, shall hereafter be taken by or on behalf of either of the said parties, against the other or his or their executors or administrators, under or by virtue of the said deed either for performance or non-performance of its terms, covenants and conditions or in respect of cancellation of the same or for or in respect of any other act, matter, complaint or thing whatsoever touching or relating to the said apprenticeship.

4. The apprentice shall not enter into the service or employment of any other person or persons in the town of, etc., or within an ambit of ……… miles thereof, nor divulge or disclose any of the secrets of the master, or of his trade or dealings, or any other matter or thing whatsoever which may be injurious, prejudicial or derogatory either to the business or to the character or reputation of the master or any of his family, friends, servants or customers.

In witness, etc.

Signed, sealed and delivered                                                                AB



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