Eating House License

Eating House License

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    What is Eating House License?

    Eating house licenses is that the permit required for operating a restaurant for/in a specific location.

    For obtaining this license, the applicant must make an application to the State police station and therefore the commissioner of the actual city.

    Generally, a restaurant may be a place which serves various quite food and drinks to the overall public for consumption like restaurants, café, bar, etc.

    According to the Food Safety and Standards Act (FSSA), 2006, every food business operator (FBO) must obtain the FSSAI license or he/may be subject to penalty.

    Apart from this, there are several other licenses also which is mandatory for running a restaurant.

    Licenses required for operating an Eating House in India

    As already stated, an FBO requires several licenses to work a restaurant in India. they’re as follows:

    • Business Registration: Firstly, the applicant must register his/her business and acquire the certificate of registration or incorporation.
    • Food/FSSAI License: it’s the primary requirement for starting a restaurant in India which is issued by the Department of Food Safety and Standards Authority of India.
    • Eating House License: It are often obtained from the commissioner of the concerned state during which the applicant wishes to open the restaurant.
    • Health Trade License: It are often obtained from the Municipal Corporation of the precise state.
    • Fire NOC: For eating houses with the capaciousness of fifty or more, Fire NOC is mandatory and may be obtained from the hearth Department.
    • Liquor License: If the restaurant goes to serve liquor, then it requires a liquor license from the excise commissioner of the state.
    • Music License: for enjoying music inside the restaurant, you’re required to get a music license from the Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL).
    • Lift Clearance NOC: If your restaurant is during a multi-story building, then you would like to get Lift Clearance NOC from the electrical inspector of the office of the labour commissioner.
    • Environmental Clearance: to make sure that your business isn’t getting to pollute the environment, you would like to get a NOC from the pollution board of the concerned state.
    • Registration under Shops & Establishment Act: It is often obtained from the concerned authority of the precise state.
    • Insurance: it’s crucial for public liability, company assets, and fire policy.
    • Weights & Measures Department Approval: As per the Legal Metrology Act, 2009, obtaining approval from the Weights & Measures Department for models of weighing & measuring systems is mandatory.

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