FCRA Registration

FCRA Registration

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    FCRA Registration

    Charitable Trusts, Societies, Section 8 Company that receive foreign contribution or donation from foreign sources square measure needed to get registration beneath Section 6(1) of Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, 2010. Such a registration beneath the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, 2010 is named an FCRA registration. during this article, we glance at the procedure for getting FCRA registration in India.

    Criteria for grant of FCRA Registration

    Once, Associate in Nursing FCRA application is created within the prescribed format, the subsequent criteria area unit check before providing registration.

    The ‘person’ or ‘entity’ creating Associate in a Nursing application for registration or grant of previous permission-

    • Is not fictitious or benami;
    • Has not been prosecuted or condemned for gratification in activities aimed toward conversion through inducement or force, either directly or indirectly, from one non-secular religion to another;
    • Has not been prosecuted or condemned for making communal tension or inharmoniousness in any specified district or the other a part of the country;
    • Has not been found guilty of diversion or mis-utilisation of its funds;
    • Is not engaged or probably to have interaction in the propagation of misdemeanor or advocate violent ways to realize its ends;
    • Is not probably to use the foreign contribution for private gains or divert it for undesirable purposes;
    • Has not contravened any of the provisions of this Act;
    • Has not been prohibited from acceptive foreign contribution;
    • The person is a private, such individual has neither been condemned underneath any law for the nowadays operative nor any prosecution for any offense is unfinished against him.
    • The person being aside from a private, any of its administrators or workplace bearers has neither been condemned underneath any law for the nowadays operative nor any prosecution for any offense is unfinished against him.

    The acceptance of foreign contribution by the entity/person is not likely to affect prejudicially –

    • The sovereignty and integrity of India;
    • The security, strategic, scientific or economic interest of the State;
    • The public interest;
    • Freedom or fairness of election to any Legislature;
    • Friendly relation with any foreign State;
    • Harmony between spiritual, racial, social, linguistic, regional teams, castes or communities.

    The acceptance of foreign contribution-

    • Shall not result in incitement of associate offense;
    • Shall not endanger the life or physical safety of a person.
    FCRA Registration

    Applying for FCRA Registration

    Application for FCRA registration may be created victimization type FC-3. together with the appliance, the subsequent documents should be submitted:

    • Self-certified copy of registration certificate/Trust deed etc., of the association
    • Self-certified copy of relevant pages of Memorandum of Association/ Article of Association showing aim and objects of the association.
    • Activity Report indicating details of activities during the last three years;
    • Copies of relevant audited statement of accounts for the past three years (Assets and Liabilities, Receipt and Payment, Income and Expenditure) clearly reflecting expenditure incurred on aims and objects of the association and on administrative expenditure;

    Once FCRA registration is granted, it’s valid for an amount of 5 years. associate degree application for renewal of FCRA registration may be created vi months before the date of expiration, to stay the registration valid.

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