General Power-Of-Attorney To A Manager Of Estate Deed Format

General Power-Of-Attorney To A Manager Of Estate

General Power-Of-Attorney To A Manager Of Estate Deed Format

Know all men by this power-of-attorney I, AB of, etc., do hereby nominate, constitute and appoint CD of, etc. my true and lawful attorney, for me, in my name and on my behalf, to do and execute and perform or cause to be done, executed and performed all or any of the following acts, deeds and things:

1. To work, manage, control and supervise the management of all and administer properties now or hereafter belonging to me and to develop the same.

2. To cultivate all agricultural lands belonging to my estate, open and work quarries, mines and minerals and to enter into contract, covenant and arrangement of any kind whatsoever in relation thereto and to modify, revoke and cancel the same as he shall think fit and proper without making me liable for any loss on that account.

3. To let out and/or otherwise settle all and any land or building or any part or parts thereof belonging to my estate on rent, selami, premium, on monthly tenancy basis or lease and to realise all rents, issues and profits thereof and to accept, surrender of leases and tenancies and to evict all trespassers and other unauthorised occupiers.

4. To sign and give notice or notices to any tenant or tenants and other occupiers of the lands and buildings belonging to my estate, to quit and vacate or to repair any damage or to abate any nuisance or to remedy a breach of covenant or contract or for any other purpose or purposes whatsoever and to avail of and enforce all remedies open to me in respect thereof and to enter into any such property or properties with a view to inspecting the same or exercising any right vested in me.

5. To make, sign and verify all applications or objections to appropriate authorities for all and any licence, permission or consent, etc., required by law in connection with the management and development of my property or properties.

6. To accept and withdraw on my behalf any compensation payable to me for acquisition or compulsory purchase, requisition or hiring of any land or building belonging to my estate by the Government or any competent body or authority.

7. To appoint staff and workers and to settle their remuneration and other terms of office and to dismiss or suspend them.

8. To effect mutation or separation of holding in the Revenue and/or Municipal Records and sign all applications or objections.

9. To appear for and represent me before the Board of Revenue, Collector of any district, Sub-Divisional Officer, any Magistrate, Judge, Munsif and in all Government offices, Calcutta Corporation, Improvement Trust, Commissioners of any division in all matters and things relating to my estate or its affairs.


10. To appear for and represent me in all the courts, civil, criminal or revenue, including Labour Tribunals, original, revisional or appellate, in any Registration offices, and to sign, execute, verify and file plaints, written statements and petitions, and also to present appeals in any court, and to accept services of all summonses, notices and other processes of law.

11. To appoint, engage on my behalf pleaders, advocates or solicitors whenever my said attorney shall think proper to do so and to discharge and/or terminate his or their appointment.

12. To compromise, compound or withdraw cases, or be non-suited to refer to arbitration all disputes and differences.

13. To sign, verify and file applications for execution of decrees or orders of any court, and to purchase property at court auction sales in execution of decrees up to the amount of the decree.

14. To withdraw and receive documents or money from any court, office or opposite party, either in execution of decrees or otherwise, and to do all the acts that may be necessary in connection with any of such cases.

15. To invest with my approval all surplus moneys in his hands and to charge and/or vary such investment.

16. To receive and recover any debt due and owing to me by any person, company or association, and on receipt or payment of any money whatever due and payable to me, to give proper receipt and discharges for the same, and on non-payment thereof, to file suits or any other proceeding for recovering and compelling payment thereof.

Provided always that the powers hereby conferred shall not extend to—

          (a)  winding-up or closing or sale of any business;

          (b)  sale or mortgage of any property or granting of a lease for a term of over ……… years, or reserving a yearly rent exceeding Rs. ………;

          (c)  granting of a lease of house property for a term of over ……… years, or reserving a yearly rent exceeding Rs. ………;

          (d)  any investment or advance out of the funds and assets of the estate or to draw, accept, negotiate, retire, pay, discount any hundi, cheque or promissory note, bill of exchange or other negotiable instruments; and

Provided also that in every case my said attorneys shall always keep and maintain a true and correct account of all income and expenditure, which shall be rendered to me annually (or monthly), and shall pay me every month all balances of money in their hands.

And I do hereby agree to ratify and confirm whatever all acts, deeds and things lawfully and bona fide done by my attorney which shall be construed as acts, deeds and things done by me to all intents and purposes as if I was personally present.

In witness whereof the parties herein have executed these presents on this ……… day of ………

Signed, sealed and delivered by                                                                        AB

AB and CD                                                                                                      CD

General Power-Of-Attorney To A Manager Of Estate Deed Format

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