ISO Certification

ISO Certification

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    What is ISO?

    ISO full form

    The International organization for Standardization is a worldwide autonomous body for setting various global standards for quality management. It comprises of representative standardization organizations from various nations. It was established in 1947. ISO frames and promotes and frames worldwide commercial and industrial standards.

    Which ISO Certification is best for your business?

    There are different types of ISO Certification Standards which specialize in different aspect of business or organizational activity. ISO 9001 focus quality management system which helps the organization to reinforce customer satisfaction with company product and services. Similarly, ISO 14001 focuses on environmental management then on. 

    Before obtaining ISO certification, you must have a glance into your entire business process thoroughly and analysis which part or parts of the method you desire to standardized with ISO standards. Accordingly, choose the ISO certification.

    ISO types

    Understanding ISO 9001

    International Standards Organization (ISO) has headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, issues quality standards for various business, industrial and other procedures. ISO considers various parameters from around the world before it develops a specific set of standards. ISO 9001 is one of these standards. 

    In simplest terms. ISO 9001 is a Quality Management System (QMS) standard that’s globally accepted. When a business holds ISO 9001 certification, it means all its internal operating procedures, from procurement to human resources, finance management to production, customer care to service delivery – suits international standards.

    Generally, a certifying agency will audit all procedures of a corporation to verify they suits ISO 9001 standards before granting certification. Furthermore, this certification requires renewal after three years. This suggests a business has got to ensure it maintains QMS for future renewals.

    ISO 9001

    Benefits of ISO CERTIFICATION 

    The benefits of ISO Certification are briefly mentioned below: 

    • Set of Standards: The International organization for Standardization’s ISO series describes set of standards for a Quality Management System supported the method model. 
    • Customer Satisfaction: ISO certification focuses on achieving customer satisfaction for any general service or product. 
    • Ensure Quality: A certified quality management system demonstrates entity commitment to quality products and/or services and customer satisfaction. 
    • Fulfill Tender Eligibility: ISO certification is an important requirement before carrying on business with a new vendor & eligibility to enter global markets. 
    • Increase Business: ISO certification helps business entities winning public & private contracts.
    • Operational Efficiency: ISO certification helps in building customer satisfaction & upgrade operational efficiency within the organization.

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