Main Object Of ADVISORY SERVICES Company

Main Object Of ADVISORY SERVICES Company

1. To carry on the business of advisers and consultants on problems relating to the administration and organisation of industry and business and to advise ways and means and methods for extending, developing and importing all types of business or industries and all systems and processes relating to the production, storage, distribution, marketing and sale of goods and or relating to the rendering of the services.

2. To carry on the profession of consultants, advisers, representatives, advocates, attorneys, liaisioner, agents, serviceman, middleman, arbitrator, conciliator, auctioneer, liquidator, secretary & solicitor on different subjects such as legal, commercial, industrial, manufacturing, production, engineering, personnel, marketing, advertising, publicity, sales promotion, public welfare, corporate management, business management, company law, taxation, investment, portfolio management, agriculture, animal husbandry, poultry, fisheries, power generation, energy savings, insurance, banking, loan syndication, imports & exports, researches & developments, software developments, computer applications, quality control, technical knowhow, geology & mining, medicine & surgery, merchant banking, underwriting, secretarial services, financial management, construction, transport and on other similar subjects and to make evaluations, feasibility studies, techno economic feasibility studies, project reports, forecasts, surveys & rehabilitation package

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