1. To work and act as analyser, examiners of pharmaceuticals, medicines and drugs manufactured by the manufacturers and others including government, semi government bodies and also to carry on the profession of analyst, pathologists and examiners of materials.

2. To provide testing facilities for food items, chemicals, edible oils, agricultural raw material and products, industrial raw material and products, water, effluent water, air, gases, sludge, textile auxiliaries and finished products, cement, alloys, packing material, soap and detergent , etc. to small and big industries to have control on the quality of the products.

3. To provide facilities for analysing the industrial effluents, sludges and gases which covers air, water and soil pollution and also to provide monitoring facilities for soil, water, air pollution on turn key basis for clean environment.

4. To provide R and D services to various industries by running pilot studies at laboratory level.

5. To provide calibration facilities of various physical instruments to industries so as to reduce the

incident of accidents and maintain the quality of the product.

6. To provide testing of soil for physical and mechanical parameter which will help in deciding the quality of construction of multi-storey buildings, rivers, dams, bridges, etc.

7. To provide ISI, ISO9000, Food and Drug administration, Agmark, NPL testing and consultancy facilities.

8. To provide cargo inspection, survey, sampling facility for export material and insurance purposes.

9. To carry on scientific and technical researches, experiments and tests of all kinds for and on behalf of government, semi government bodies and for others.

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