1. To carry on the business as manufacturers, producers, processors and dealers in tobacco, bidies, cigarettes, cigars, smoking and chewing tobacco, snuff grinders, and other products of tobacco, match lights, matches, match boxes and pipes.

2. To carry on the business of buying, stocking, selling, exporting, importing, blending, treating or otherwise dealing in raw materials, ingredients, intermediates of any description which are generally required and used in the manufacture of bidies, cigarettes, cigars etc., such as tobacco, tendu leaves, thread, wrapping paper, wrapping materials and packing materials.

smoke people lighter cigarette wallpaper preview - Main Object Of CIGARETTES

3. To purchase or otherwise acquire and take over the running business and/ or establishment or establishments carrying Business of Bidi, Cigar, Cigarettes, and tobacconist in India or elsewhere and to enter into agreement or agreements with such establishment or establishments for the purpose of acquiring and taking over the stock of raw materials, finished products of tobacco, other articles, things, rights, liabilities and privileges of the said establishment or establishments.

4. To acquire, register in its own name or purchase out right or on royalty basis the patent rights, trade marks and such other rights and privileges of a running business for the manufacture, process and marketing of bidis, cigarettes, cigars and other tobacco products.

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