1. To carry on the business as producers, distributors, importers, exporters, exhibitors and financiers of cinematographic films and to manufacture, own, acquire, provide, secure, arrange or deal in films and photographic, sound recording, musical, lighting appliances, instruments, equipments and machines; to construct, establish, own, hire or otherwise acquire and to manage, let on rent, fee, monetary gain or otherwise studios, laboratories, theatres, buildings, halls, open air theatres, bars, restaurants and other building or works required for the purposes of production, distribution or exhibition of the films, operas, stage plays, dances, burlesques, vaudeville, revues, ballets, pantomimes, spectacular pieces, promenade, concerts, circus or other performances and entertainment.

2. To carry on the business of production, distribution or exhibition of films and motion pictures including the running of theatres, cinemas, studios and cinematographic shows and exhibitions.

cinema house - Main Object Of CINEMA HOUSE

3. To establish and carry on the business as producers, exhibitors, distributors, screeners, importers, exporters, financiers, repairers, buyers, sellers or otherwise dealers in photographic goods, including cinematographic instruments, cameras, talking and silent machines and other equipments, slide projectors, film projectors, sound recording and reproducing equipments, process films or educational, recreational and entertainment films, value like slides, documentaries, feature films, short films, news reel films and advertisement films.

4. To carry on the business as proprietors and managers of theatres (cinemas, picture places and concert halls) and to provide for the production, presentation and performance (whether by mechanical means or otherwise) of operas, stage plays, burlesques, vaudevilles, revue, ballets, pantomimes, spectacular pieces and other concerts, musical and dramatic performance and entertainments.

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