Main Object Of COMMISSION AGENTS Company


Main Object Of COMMISSION AGENTS Company

1. To carry on business as traders and agents, suppliers and commission agents of products, commodities and materials in any form or shape manufactured or supplied by any company or firm, association of persons, body ( whether incorporated or not), government, semi government or any local authority.


2. To cultivate, process, prepare, buy, sell, export, import, distribute, trade, stock, barter, exchange, pledge, make advances, speculate, enter into forward transactions or otherwise deal in seeds, food grains, cotton, jute, tea, coffee, rubber, oil seeds, pulses, sugar cane, vegetables and forests, agricultural and natural products of all kinds and to manufacture and deal in oils and other products obtained from such produce, and to develop farms and plantations for any of the above items and commodities or any other commodities or produce.

Commission Agent scaled - Main Object Of COMMISSION AGENTS Company

3. To carry on the business of dealers, general order suppliers, contractors, buyers, sellers, merchants, importers, exporters, stockists, agents, brokers, commission agents and dealers in cotton goods, jute goods, textiles, garments, yarns, synthetic goods, chemicals, fertilizers, building materials, office appliances, domestic appliances, furniture, utensils, pulp, paper, plastic goods, engineering goods, electric items, electronic apparatuses or any products or commodities. Main Object Of COMMISSION AGENTS Company.

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