Main Object Of COMPUTER SERVICES Company

Main Object Of COMPUTER SERVICES Company

1. To establish, provide, perform systems engineering services, related technical and consultancy services, import technical know-how in the field of computers, develop technical expertise for providing technology and technical know-how in the field of computers and to manufacture, import, export, assemble, develop, invent and otherwise deal in computers, computer software, floppy diskettes, printer ribbon, paper, magnetic tapes, cassettes and other allied materials, computer data processing machines, computer peripherals, accessories and components.

2. To establish facilities of providing comparative information about the characteristics, interest or other attributes of individuals, communities, organisations, countries or other social units and of any articles or commodities or economic trends or persons whatsoever; to design, invent, prepare, own, make and to take on lease, sell or otherwise dispose of and generally to deal with computers, data processing machines, tapes, memory equipments or any other equipments and materials of every kind and description useful in connection with this business, to license or otherwise authorise others to engage in the foregoing and to engage in general research and development in areas related to or involving the foregoing. .

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