Main Object Of COPPER


COPPER - Main Object Of COPPER

Main Object Of COPPER

To manufacture, produce, process, excavate, quarry, melt, mould, roll, cold, clean, cure, treat, mix, manipulate, prepare or otherwise to deal in copper, copper alloys, unwrought copper, copper waste, copper scrap, copper foils, copper powders, copper flakes, copper strips, copper sheets, copper wires whether coated, uncoated, clad, perforated, printed, embossed, insulated and all types of sections, varieties, strengths, specifications, descriptions, dimensions and shapes of copper products including bars, angles, tubes, pipes and blanks thereof, hollow bars, containers, stranded wires & cables, cordage, ropes, plaited bands, insulated electric wires & cables, electrodes, gauge, cloths, grills, netting, fencing, reinforcing fabrics, chains, nails, tracks, staples, hooks, spiked cramps, shields, spikes and drawing pins, rivets, buckles, bolts, nuts, screws, cotters, cotter pins, washers, spring washers, springs, sanitary wares, hardware, utensils, electronic goods and other allied items, their parts, fittings, accessories & components. Main Object Of COPPER.

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