Main Object Of DRY CLEANERS Company


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To establish, own, maintain, carry on all or any of the business usually carried on by dry cleaners, dyers, launderers, washermen, steam, electrical and general laundry and to wash, clean, purify, scour, bleach, wring, dry, iron, colour, dye, disinfect, renovate, dress, sterilise, press, block, polish, glaze, finish and prepare for use all articles of wearing apparel, costumes, garments, household, domestic and other linen and cotton and woollen goods and clothing and fabrics of all kinds including fur, leather, water proofs, felts, velour, panama and straw hats etc., and all sorts of furnishing materials including curtains, covers, carpets, rugs, etc. and to buy, sell, hire, manufacture, repair, let on hire, alter, improve, treat and deal in all apparatus, materials, chemicals, and articles of all kinds which are capable of being used for any such purposes, and for that purpose to set up dry cleaning and washing plants, dryers, steam presses and household washing machines.

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