Main Object Of DYESTUFF


Main Object Of DYESTUFF

 1. To develop, design, acquire, adopt, deal, host and install website on internet or electronic sites, platform, for marketing and trading of goods, raw materials, merchandise, articles, machineries, plant, apparatus, appliances, equipment and commodities of every kind, class and description and to supply and provide services of all kind and to act as sellers, buyers, importers, exporters, retailers, whole-sellers, suppliers, indenters, consigners, jobbers, brokers, stockiest, agents, sub-agents, merchants, distributors, consult-ants for E Commerce and E Business.


2. To establish, set up, organize, maintain, support, and host Auctions, Chatting, Individual Web Sites, Instant Messaging services, Internet Applications,  Internet Business applications, Mobile Internet applications and services, running & managing/maintaining servers, Web Browsers, Web Design development, Web Site Promotion, Webmasters. Main Object Of DYESTUFF.

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