Main Object Of EDIBLE OILS


Main Object Of EDIBLE OILS

1. To establish, extract, build, construct, own, maintain and run oil mills, hydrogenating and oxygenating plants, and to produce, process, prepare, crush, refine, blend, filter, deodorize, clean ,recover, mix, convert, purify, grade, compound, derive, excavate and extract all kinds of vegetable oils, crude oils, refined oils, deodorized oils, hydrogenated oils, rice bran oil, deoiled cakes, cattle and poultry feed.

2. To extract oil from oil cakes, soyabeen and rice bran.


3. To buy, sell, manufacture, refine, prepare and deal in oils, oleaginous and saponaceous products and by products or ingredients thereof.

4. To carry on the business of manufacture, purchase, sell and deal in proteins and protein food.

5. To act as dealers, wholesalers, retailers, stockists, commission agents, representatives, selling agents, purchasing agent, distributors, brokers, exporters, importers of soya bean, ground nut, sesame seeds, all other oil seeds, edible and non edible oils, vanaspati, oil cakes, proteins and protein foods, other substances or residue or by products of all goods aforesaid. Main Object Of EDIBLE OILS.

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