Main Object Of EGGS


Main Object Of EGGS

1. To carry on the business of all kinds of farming (agricultural, poultry, horticultural and dairy) and gardening and of raising, breeding, improving, developing, producing, buying, selling, importing, exporting, preserving, preparing, dealing and trading in all kinds of products of such business and in particular poultry, meat, cattle and other livestock, eggs, sausages, preserved meat, trees, plants, fruits, flowers, and vegetables, milk and milk products.

EGGS - Main Object Of EGGS

2. To establish and maintain dairies, cattle yards and poultry farms, piggeries, fruit, vegetable and flower gardens, grazing grounds, fish ponds, pigeon, beehives, warehouses, cold storages, freezing plants, factories for manufacture and preservation of meat, fish, fruits, honey, vegetables, canning of all kind of preserved foods and juices. Main Object Of EGGS.

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