Main Object Of EXPLORATION Company

1. To purchase, take on lease or otherwise acquire freehold and other lands, properties, mines and mineral properties, and exploration rights, concessions, leases, claims, licences or other interests in mines, mining and offshore rights, mineral properties and water rights, either solely or jointly with others.

2. To prospect, explore, develop and work claims or mines, drill and sink shafts or wells and raise, pump, dig and quarry for gold, silver, minerals, ores, diamonds and precious stones, oil, petroleum, natural gas, coal, earth, and other substances.

3. To acquire by purchase, concession or lease, to take in exchange or otherwise, or to erect, construct and alter, buildings, railways, roads, shafts, furnaces, crushing and other machinery, works for smelting or otherwise treating, removing and storing metals and minerals, and/or crushing, working, manufacturing, purifying, cutting, polishing or otherwise processing precious metals, diamonds and precious stones, minerals, ores, earth and other substances.

4. To carry on business as land and mine owners, miners, metallurgists, metal workers, builders and contractors, engineers, manufacturers, farmers, vehicle and equipment proprietors, traders, ship owners, ship brokers, importers and exporters, and to buy, sell and deal in property of all kinds.

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