Main Object Of FISH PRODUCTS Company

Main Object Of FISH PRODUCTS Company

1. To buy, sell, barter, import or otherwise deal whether as wholesalers or retailers or as exporters or importers or as principals or agents or brokers or otherwise to catch fish and procure sea foods and preserve, smoke, cure, freeze, prepare or process or otherwise to deal in all sorts of fresh, chilled, dried, salted, inbrine or frozen seafoods, fish meals, fish products, vegetables, and to manufacture or procure any substances or articles wholly or partially from fish or seafoods for human or animal consumption.

2. To purchase or otherwise establish, build, own, operate, acquire, run and manage food processing factories, warehouses, sheds, and buildings for the purposes of processing, packing, preserving and canning all varieties of fish, fish products, food products, farm products, and other edible products including byproducts manufactured and/or dealt in by the Company and to deal in all kinds of machinery, appliances and materials for achieving the said objects.

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