Main Object Of FLORICULTURE Company

Main Object Of FLORICULTURE Company

1.  To carry on the business of gardening, nursery,  landscaping,  floriculture,  planters,  florists,  proprietors  of orchard and traders, exporters, sellers and dealers in products of plantation, horticulture, gardening and to grow, raise, produce, plant, cultivate, buy, import, export, sell, trade and deal in trees, shrubs, plants, sprouts, vines, seeds, roots, fruits, herbs and flowers.

2. To purchase, sell, lease, exchange, hire or otherwise acquire, deal and use land, gardens for the purpose of growing and producing roses and other types of flowers, fruits, vegetables and other derivatives.

3. To carry on any business in the field of micro-pagation, floriculture and horticulture as farmers, agriculturists, principals, contractors, consultants, brokers or otherwise and develop systems of tissue culture processes, dehydration, distillation, storage, distribution, marketing and sale of floricultural products

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