Main Object Of FORESTRY Company

Main Object Of FORESTRY Company

1. To carry on the business of farming in all its branches, horticulture, floriculture, sericulture, dairies, cultivators of all kinds of food grains, seeds, fruits, proprietors of orchards and traders, exporters, dealers and sellers of the products of farming, dairy, horticulture, floriculture, sericulture and pisciculture and fishing and manufacturers of drinks, alcoholic or otherwise, including beverages produced from such products or otherwise.

2. To carry on the business of cultivators, growers, manufacturers, millers, grinders, rollers, processors, canners, and preservers, dealers of food grains and other agricultural, dairy, horticulture and poultry products, fruits, vegetables, herbs, medicines, flowers, drinks, fluids, gas and other fresh and preservable products and to extract by-products and derivatives whether edibles, pharmaceutical, medicines or any other kind or nature whatsoever, food preparations of every kind and description and generally to carry on the business of manufacture of and dealers in preserved, dehydrated, canned or converted agricultural products, fruits and vegetables, provisions, foods, dairy and poultry products and articles and other derivatives of all kinds and descriptions and to set up and run machinery for

processing and preserving the same.

3. To cultivate, grow, produce or deal in any agriculture, vegetable or fruit products, and to carry on all or any of business of farmers, dairymen, milk contractors, dairy farmers, dairymen, millers, surveyors, and vendors of milk products, condensed milk and powdered milk, cream, ghee, cheese, butter, poultry, fruits, vegetables, cash crops and provisions of all kinds, growers of and dealers in cornbay and straw, seedsman and nurserymen and to buy, sell, manufacture and trade in any goods usually traded in by any of the above business or any other business inclusive of staple foods and medicinal preparations from milk, vegetables and animal products.

4. To manage, improve, farm, cultivate, acquire, lease, underlet, exchange, purchase, sell or otherwise deal with or dispose of agricultural land and generally to carry on the business of dairy farming, fruit farming, livestock and poultry breeders, timber growers, horticulturists, seeds merchants, processors of agricultural produce and advisers on problem relating to the administration, organisation and working of farms.

5. To carry on the business of forest contractors and to grow, raise, produce, plant, cultivate, buy, import, export, sell, trade and deal in all kinds of forest produce, vegetation, timber, wood, stalk, twigs, leaves, fruits, trees, shrubs, plants, sprouts, vines, seeds, roots, fruits, herbs and flowers of all kinds and description and manufacture, process and produce sealing wax, oils, laminated sheets, paper, pulp, plywood and hardboard, newsprint and card board of different varieties.

6. To carry on the business of cultivation of fruits and vegetables or produce of the soil or products of agriculture and to prepare, work out, manufacture, crush, render marketable fruits, plants, seeds, grain and produce of all kinds and to sell, dispose of or deal in fruits, seeds, grains and all other agricultural produces such as grapes, oranges, apples, mangoes, proprietors of orchards, traders, exporters, dealers, processors, preservers and seller of the products of such farming, horticulture, sericulture, seeds and cultivation and manufacturers of drinks including beverages produced from such products or otherwise.

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