Main Object Of FROZEN FOODS Company

Main Object Of FROZEN FOODS Company

1. To manufacture, produce, process, make, convert, import, export, trade, buy, sell, pack, repack, move, preserve whether as retailers or wholesalers, stockists, agents, subagents, merchants, distributors, consignors, jobbers, brokers or otherwise deal in frozen vegetables, fruits, dairy products, eggs, fish, chicken, meat and all varieties of food.

2. To construct, build, equip, own, purchase, take on lease, rent, hire, maintain, keep and to run cold storages, storage chambers, freezers, deep freezers, godowns, warehouses, refrigerators and room coolers for storing fish, seafoods, marine products and processed fish, meat, eggs, poultry products, protein foods, milk & dairy products, cream, butter, cheese, bacons, sausages, fruits, roots, vegetables and other substances made from all or any of them and canned, tinned and processed foods of every description and to act as transporters of aforesaid foods, substances and products.

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