Main Object Of FUEL AND OTHER OILS Company

Main Object Of FUEL AND OTHER OILS Company

1. To manufacture, produce, process, convert, commercialize, control, compound, develop, distribute, derive, excavate, grade, release, manipulate, prepare, promote, reclaim, supply, import, export, buy, sell, turn to account and to act as agent, broker, consultant, collaborator, jobworker or otherwise to deal in all kinds of fuel and other oils, petroleum of every kind and the business of refiners of such oils and oil accessories required for petroleum and the manufacture of lubricating oils and accessories required for the equipments and operation of the oil wells and refineries and to deal in the byproducts of petroleum and lubricating oils.

2. To carry on business as manufacturers, producers, processors, makers, refiners, importers, exporters, traders, buyers, sellers or otherwise deal in petroleum and petroleum products including wax, paraffin, soap, paint, varnish, lubricants, oil cloth, candles, glycerine, etc.

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