1. To manufacture, produce, refine, process, formulate, buy, sell, export, import or otherwise deal in all types of heavy and light chemicals, chemical elements and compounds, laboratory and scientific chemicals, pharmaceutical chemicals, agricultural chemicals, hexamine, fertilisers, petrochemicals, industrial chemicals or any mixtures, derivatives, articles and compounds thereof, alkalies, acids, gases, and compounds, dyes, cosmetics, drugs, pharmaceutical and medical preparations.

2. To carry on business as manufacturers, producers, refiners, processors, converters, dealers, traders, importers, exporters, retailers, stockists, buyers or sellers of para nitrochloro benzene, dinitro chloro benzene, paracetamol, aluminium sulphate, manganese sulphate, acids, rubber chemicals, dystuff, fertilisers, organic or inorganic and/or mixed chemicals including fine and heavy chemicals, synthetic

resins, plastics or P.V.C. materials and such products, machineries and parts required for use in or based, partly or fully, on one or more aforementioned materials or products.


3. To produce, manufacture, use or otherwise acquire, sell, distribute, deal in and dispose of chemical products of every nature and description and compounds, intermediates, derivatives and by products thereof and products to be made therefrom including specifically but without limiting the generality of the foregoing, calcium cyan amide, vat, solubilised vat, naphthols, all type of floatation reagents, wetting agents, insecticides and fumiagents, plastics and resins, dyestuffs, explosives, catalytic agents, foods, direct colours, basic and rapid fast colours, pigment, drugs, biological, pharmaceuticals, serums, vitamin products, hormones, sutures, drugs, essence, cordial, minerals and other water, cellulose and oil paints, pigments and varnishes, derived from phosphate, mines, limestones, quarries, bauxite mines, petroleum, natural gas and other natural deposits useful or suitable in the manufacture of chemicals and chemical products.

4. To manufacture and deal in all chemical products such as coaltar products and their intermediates, dyes, drugs, medicines and pharmaceuticals, petroleum and its products, its derivatives, all type of heavy chemicals such as sulphuric and other acids, caustic soda, soda ash, etc., all type of textile chemicals and sizing and finishing materials, cement and allied products, photographic chemicals, soap, glycerine and allied products, all industrial and pharmaceutical, organic and inorganic chemicals, fertilisers, pesticides, manures, fungicides, deodorants, biochemical and allied products, fats, waxes and their products, hides, skins and leather.

biochemical and allied products, fats, waxes and their products, hides, skins and leather.

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