1. To buy, take on lease or under a licence, concession, grant or otherwise acquire mines, mining rights in any land or other place and metalliferious land and any interest there in and to explore, work, develop, turn to account the same.

2. To crush, win, get, quarry, smelt, calcine, refine, dress, amalgamate, manipulate and prepare for market ore, metal, mineral, and mineral substances of all kinds and to carry on any other metallurgical operation.

3. To manufacture, import, export, improve, treat, preserve, blend or otherwise deal in all kinds of minerals, their compounds, products, by products, derivatives.

4. To buy, sell, manufacture, import, export, for otherwise deal in coal, wood, cement, refractories, plants, machinery,implements, appliances, conveniences, provisions, and things capable of being used in connection with the operation of the company.

5. To search for ores, minerals, mines and grant licences for mining or offer any lands or places which may be acquired by the company and to lend any such land or place for agriculture, building or other use, to sell or otherwise to dispose of any lands, mines or other property of the company.

6. To manufacture, process, refine, buy, sell, export, import, or otherwise deal in all kinds of ferrous and non ferrous metals & their scraps.

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