Main Object Of OIL EXPLORATION Company

Main Object Of OIL EXPLORATION Company

1. To apply for and acquire by purchase, lease, hire or licence, exchange or otherwise petroleum, mineral rights, grants, concessions, lease, licences, claims, permits, wells or other interests in petroleum and mineral rights, mines and mining rights and to prospect, explore, survey, open, work, test, develop, exercise and turn to account, any petroleum, mineral, oil or natural gas permits, licence, leases, rights, authorities, holdings, tenements, claims or concessions or other similar rights or privileges from time to time in the possession of the company or to which or in which the company has any rights or interests.

2. To explore, extract, excavate, procure, produce, pump, refine, purify, store, research, prepare, promote, prospect, process, grade, split, remove, amalgamate, barter, convert, clean, commercialize, compound, distribute, discover, handle, import, export, buy, sell, market, organize, manage, protect, provide, vapourise, condense, concentrate, dilute, mix and to act as agent, broker, stockist, C & F agent, transporter, consultant, engineering, contractor, adviser, jobworker, export house or otherwise to deal in all sorts of crude & refined petroleum oils, natural gases, oleaginous & saponaceous substances, ores, coals, minerals, metals, earthy mineral oils, their products, byproducts, residues, ingredients, derivatives, formulations, blends, mixtures, goods & materials.

3. To construct, carry out, maintain, improve, manage, work, control, superintend, aid in, subscribe towards, purchase or otherwise acquire or dispose of any aerodromes, heliports, roads, railway, bridges, pumps, stations, pipelines, reservoirs, storage facilities for petroleum products of all types, watercourses, aqueducts, wharves, furnace, mills, crushing works, supply works, retorts, gas absorption plants, compressors, laboratories, dwelling houses for workmen and others, refiners, factories, warehouses, offices, shops and other works which are necessary or incidental to any of the objects of the company.

4. To maintain drilling machines and use the same for drilling and carry on the business of extracting, pumping, drawing, transporting and purifying and dealing in water, petroleum and other mineral oils.

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