Main Object Of OILS Company

Main Object Of OILS Company

1. To manufacture, import, export, purchase, sell, deal, store, preserve, process, prepare, manufacture, refine, mix, finish, pack, repack and market or to act as commission agents of various products related to or associated with various types of oils, both edible and non edible, originating from renewable, marine or any other resources such as splitting of fats, fatty acids, fatty alcohol, soaps, detergents, margarine, distillations, vanaspati and other hydrogenated oil products, industrial hardoils, esters, ammonias, detergent oil, essential oils and other allied fluids, wax and grease, glycerine and glycerine based or other allied products.

2. To set up, establish, carry on business, purchase, sell, deal, import, export, store, preserve, prepare, process, manufacture, crush, refine, mix, finish, pack and repack, market or to act as commission agents, brokers, and consultants of the various products, byproducts and joint products based on, related to, and/or associated with various types of oil bearing raw materials and oil bearing seeds and cakes, deoiled cakes, cattle feed, edible such as rice bran, sal seed, neem seed, groundnut, ground nut cake, soyabean, sunflower etc. either by solvent extraction process or any other convenient and economic process, either existing or that might be devised in future.

3. To set up, establish, and to carry on the culture of various types of seeds and other materials likely to produce oil by undertaking all the necessary incidental and allied operations on the land owned or otherwise belonging to the company and also to provide for development and improvement thereof, by research or by acquiring technology either existing or that might be devised in future from any sources.

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