Main Object Of PACKING MATERIAL Company

Main Object Of PACKING MATERIAL Company

1. To carry on the business as manufacturers, processors, designers, buyers, sellers, exporters, importers and otherwise dealers in all kinds of packing cases, cartons, drums, crates, cans and containers of aluminium and other materials, card board containers, corrugated containers, wooden boxes, plastic containers, polythene containers, bottles, hollow wares etc., whether made of plastic or any manmade fibre, leather, wood, plywood, thermocole, particle board, corrugated paper, craft paper, glass or of other material, including high and low density polythene, polypropylene, plastic, P.V.C. chemicals, metals and other manmade fibrous material used in manufacture of all or any of the above products and raw materials used therefore.

2. To carry on the business as manufacturers of and dealer in products, articles of packaging, made from paper, board, pulp of all kinds, cellulose films, polyethylene, plastic films and metal foils and films of all kinds and other flexible or laminated materials, bags, pouches, envelopes, sheets, rolls and all kinds of flexible packings and manufacturing, fabricating, printing, treating, waxing and laminating all kinds of packing materials.

3. To carry on the business of manufacturers, buyers, sellers, importers, exporters and dealers in all kinds of packing materials, containers, receptacles, boxes, cartons, cases, drums, cages, tins, bins, jars, tubes, crates, packing cases, cans, bottles, vials and fittings thereof of every kind and to manufacture and deal in paper, plastic, bakelite, celluloid, glass, wood, plywood, hardboard, strawboard and boards of all other description and any other materials whether chemically treated or not, used for the manufacture of any of the aforesaid articles.

4. To carry on all or any of the business as manufacturers of and exporters, importers, buyers, sellers, transporters and dealers in drums, barrels, cans, crown, corks, boxes, tubes including collapsible tubes, containers and vessels, made of or capable of being manufactured from tin plates, stainless steel or other metal sheet, plastic, aluminium, cardboards, glass, fibrous materials and paper of all or any kinds and descriptions whatsoever and to carry the business as manufacturers, designers and decorators of and embossers, painters, printers, lithographers and draughtsmen, engravers, photographers, electrotypes, photographic printers, photo lithographers, publishers and card box makers.

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