Main Object Of PAPER BOARDS Company

Main Object Of PAPER BOARDS Company

1. To carry on the business of manufacturers, buyers, sellers, importers, exporters of and dealers in all kinds and classes of paper, board and pulp including writing paper, printing paper, news printing paper, absorbent paper, wrapping paper, tissue paper, cover paper, blotting paper, filter paper, antique paper, ivory finish paper, coated paper, art paper, bank or bond paper, badami, brown or buff paper, bible paper, cartridge paper, cloth lined paper, azurelaid paper, creamlaid wove paper, glassing, waxed paper, greaseproof paper, gummed paper, handmade paper, parchment paper, drawing paper, craft paper, manila paper, envelop paper, tracing paper, vellum paper, water proof paper, carbon paper, sensitised paper, chemically treated paper, carbon paper, litmus paper, photographic paper, glass paper, emery paper, pasteboard, cardboard, straw board, pulp board, leather board, mill board, corrugated board, box board, cartons, paper bags, paper boxes, post cards, visiting cards, all other kinds of paper whatsoever, soda pulp, mechanical pulp, sulphite pulp, and all kinds of articles in the manufacture of which in any form, paper, board, or pulp is used, and also to deal in or manufacture any other articles or things of a character similar or analogous to the foregoing or any of them or connected therewith.

2. To plant, cultivate, produce and raise, purchase or sell or otherwise handle or deal in grass, timber, wood, bamboo, straw, cotton, jute, flax, hemp, sugarcane, leather, asbestos, rags, waste paper, gunnies, water hyacinth, jute sticks or other fibres, fibrous substances or other things as may furnish materials for pulp and for paper or board manufacture in any of its branches or as may be proper or necessary in connection with the above objects or any of them.

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