Main Object Of PETROCHEMICALS Company

Main Object Of PETROCHEMICALS Company

1. To carry on the business as manufacturers, processors, producers, refiners, blenders,purifiers, packers, exporters, importers, buyers, sellers, factors, agents, consignors, consignees, traders and distributors of all classes, kinds, types, description and nature of petroleum and petrochemicals and derivatives thereof and related chemicals, resins, granules, their formulations, derivatives, compounds, extracts, products, mixtures, residues, by products, ingredients and intermediates thereof whether liquid, solid or gases for surface coating, combination, insulation, cold storage, paints, textiles, perfumery, pesticides, rubber and plastic and other industries and also bitumen based chemicals and its derivatives.

2. To carry on the business as manufacturers, traders of petrochemicals and/or petro based products as also to act as indenting and commission agents.

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