Main Object Of PHARMACEUTICALS Company


1. To carry on the business as manufacturers, producers, growers, fabricators, processors, refiners, stockists, agents, importers, exporters, traders, wholesalers, distributors, concessionaires or dealers of drugs, medicines, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, spirits, mixtures, tonics, powders, tablets, pills, capsules, injections, oils, compounds, tincture, triturations, globules, creams, scents, scalp lotions, toilet goods and all kinds of pharmaceutical cosmetics and medical preparations used in Homeopathic, Allopathic, Ayurvedic, Unani, Biochemical, nature cure or any other medicinal system or branch of medicine or as beauty aid or personal hygiene, juices, squash, sharbat, nourishment foods and concentrates, bandages, cotton, gauze, crutches and various types of anatomical, orthopedic or surgical instruments, implements, books, journals and publications and all sorts of storage or packing materials connected with or required for and one or more of the above mentioned items and products.

2. To manufacture, produce, design, refine, process, formulate, develop drug intermediates, bulk drugs, and fermentation enzyme products, alcohol, fructose, acids, alkalies and starches, and to buy, sell, alter, convert, recondition, improve, let on hire, prepare for market, import-export, or otherwise deal in, with or without foreign collaboration, in India or elsewhere in the world, drugs, drug intermediates, medicines and pharmaceuticals, heavy and fine chemicals, hospital requisites, toilet requisites, proprietary medicines, vaccines, biological contraceptives, medicated surgical dressings, dental goods of all description, diagnostic agents and chemicals, oils and tinctures, extracts, aromatic chemicals and synthetic, herbal and natural perfumes, soaps, toiletries, cosmetics, hair dyes, essential items for every day use in domestic hygiene and other purposes.

3. To carry on the business of chemists, druggists, dry salters and dealers in pharmaceutical, medicinal, chemical, industrial and other preparations and articles, compounds, cements, oils, phenyl, drugs, herbs, surgical apparatus and materials and manufacturers of patent and other medicines, indigenous drugs, pharmaceutical, medicinal, industrial and other preparations and makers of all kind of surgical apparatus and materials of hospital requisites and appliances.

4. To carry on the business of manufacture and sale of patent and nonpatent medicines, drugs, mixtures, formulations, capsules, tablets, pills, powders, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, medical and medicinal products, preparations and materials, sterilised injections, needles, syringes, vaccines, immunogenes, phylacogens, chemical and surgical dressings and generally to carry on the business of manufacturers, buyers and sellers of and dealers in all kinds of medicines and medical preparations and drugs whatsoever and obtain patents of them.

5. To manufacture, buy , sell, import, export, acquire, process, store, distribute, exchange and otherwise deal in medicines, vitamins, tonics, hair oil, and tooth pastes and brushes and goods used in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, laboratories and other health units.

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