Main Object Of PLYWOOD Company

Main Object Of PLYWOOD Company

1. To carry on the business of manufacturing, producing, processing, cultivating, growing, treating, cleaning, washing, cutting, seasoning, pressing, designing, developing, fabricating, finishing, manipulating, protecting or otherwise to deal in whether as agent, broker, contractor, supplier, importer, exporter,  warehouser, stockist, distributor, jobworker, forester or otherwise of all shapes, sizes, forms, varieties, specifications, descriptions, dimensions of commercial & non commercial timbers, wood and wood products including plywood, hard board, blackboard, liminboard, bathenboard, and similar laminated wood products, wood logs, billets, twigs, slices, peels, waste & dust, split poles, piles, pickets & stakes of wood; chipwood; pulpwood in chips or particles; wooden sticks, drawn wood, match splints, wood wool and wooden tiles, wooden blocks, wooden strips, veneer sheets and sheets for plywood, blackboard and similar laminated wood products, cellular wood panels, reconstituted wood, wooden mouldings, wooden frames, wooden packing cases, boxes, crates, drums, casks, barrels, vats, tubs, buckets, household utensils of wood, wooden doors, windows & similar fittings, wooden hardware articles; wooden tools, articles, wooden handicrafts, sculptures, toys, monuments etc. And other allied items, their parts, fittings & accessories.

2. To carry on the business of manufacturers of and dealers in and commission agents of furniture and fittings made from wood, metal, metal alloys, fibre glass, plastics and synthetic materials, wooden products, plywood, teak wood, teak board, block board, M D F board and to act as house furnishers, upholsterers, hirers, repairers, cleaners, warehouses of furniture, carpets, synthetic and cotton floorings, fabrics, household utensils, china and glass goods, hand made home furnishing and carpets.

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