Main Object Of QUARRY WORKS Company

1. To negotiate, acquire, buy, sell, take on lease or in exchange or acquire by licence, concession or grant or otherwise, any lands and quarries, mines, mining rights which are believed to contain deposits of granites, marble, sand stones and other stones, metals and minerals; to apply for, obtain, take, lease/s from any state, central, provincial governments or other competent authorities, companies, corporate bodies, firms or private individuals; to prospect for, explore, survey, work, bore, drill, develop, excavate, exploit, derive, extract, refine, convert, exercise with or without the aid of machinery such stones, ores, metals, minerals, oils, coals and other substances whatsoever; to take lands, quarries on sublease from any state or central government, corporations, companies, corporate bodies, partnership firms, individuals, to give on sublease all or any quarries, lands to any company, firm or individual.

2. To carry on the business as mining, smelting and refining company.

3. To process, convert, refine, import, export, buy,sell, deal in tiles, slabs/ panels, monuments, tombstones, decorative pieces, architectural pieces, idols, construction materials, and all other products of granite, marble, sand stones, and any other stones within India or abroad.

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