Main Object Of REAL ESTATE Company

Main Object Of REAL ESTATE Company

1. To acquire, buy, purchase, lease, develop, renovate, improve, maintain, exchange or otherwise own property, estate, land, buildings, hereditaments, flats, garages, houses, halls, godowns, shops, warehouses, office premises, mills, factories, chawls, dwelling houses, residential accommodation or other immovable properties and to turn the same to account as may be expedient and in particular by laying out and preparing land for building purposes and preparing building site by planting, paving, draining and cultivating land and by demolishing, constructing, reconstructing, altering, improving, furnishing, maintaining, administering, equipping or subdividing properties by leasing or otherwise disposing of the same and to enter into contracts and agreements with builders, tenants, occupiers, either in India or in any part of the world to purchase, sell, deal in land, estates, houses or other landed properties of any tenure whether freehold, leasehold or otherwise and to act as promoters, organizers and developers of land, estates, property, cooperative housing societies, residential housing schemes, shopping centres, commercial complex, farm houses, holiday resorts, hotels, swimming pools, amusement parks and to finance with or without security for the same and to deal with and improve such properties either as owner or as agents and to join any other person, partnership firm or company in carrying the above objects.

2. To undertake construction and management of properties of any person or governmental authorities for the construction of buildings of all descriptions, roads, bridges, earthwork, sewers, tanks, drain,

culverts, channel or other works or things that may be necessary or convenient for any of the objects of the company.

3. To carry on the business in India and/or abroad as architects, designers, draughtsmen, decorators, surveyors, valuers, estate agents, town planners, appraisers, coordinators, civil engineers, constructional engineers, furnishers, structural engineers, estate agents and land brokers.

4. To finance housing activities in any way, to let on lease any such premises or parts of them and to provide services and facilities for the occupiers or tenants of those premises.

5. To manufacture, fabricate, assemble, install, maintain, buy, sell, import, export or otherwise deal in doors, windows, fixtures, fittings, tiles, sanitary ware, pipes, grills, tanks, switches, cables, wires, bricks, prefabricated and precast blocks, slabs, beams, poles, arches, cement, stones, steel, sand, lime, ropes, pulleys, bamboo, planks and plants and machinery such as mixers, crushers, rollers, cranes required for the purpose of building and construction activities

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