Main Object Of RUBBER PLANTATION Company

Main Object Of RUBBER PLANTATION Company

1. To purchase, sell, take on lease, hire or otherwise lands and to carry on the business of plantation and cultivation of rubber, gutta-percha, timber, wood and other produce of the soil and to treat, prepare, render marketable, buy, sell and dispose of any such products either in their raw form or manufactured state.

2. To carry on the business of manufacturers of and dealers in all varieties of rubber including synthetic rubber, reclaimed rubber, natural rubber, sponge rubber, rubber threads and any compounds made from rubber and derivatives and by-products of rubber, leather, hides, skins, chemicals, nylon and rayon, all descriptions of leather goods, asbestos, canvas, flooring and paving materials and other compositions and waterproof compounds.

3. To manufacture, buy, sell, supply, deal in and act as agents for all kinds of rubber products including tyres, tubes, flaps, medical rubber products, rubberised cloth, rubber belts, Vbelts, Obelts, floorings, rubber tiles, heels, soles, hoses, latex, foam rubber products, gloves, balloons, toys, seats, cushions, pillows, mattresses, belts, shoes, chappals and other moulded or extruded products of commercial, household and industrial use.

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