Main Object Of SAFETY GLASSES Company

Main Object Of SAFETY GLASSES Company

1. To manufacture, buy, sell, import, export, alter, improve, manipulate, prepare for market and otherwise deal in laminated safety glass, curved or flat, toughened glass, curved or flat, sheet and plate glass, bevelled and unbevelled silvered sheet and plant glass, insulating units, glass-wool, fibre glass, glass bricks, welding glass, coloured glass, signal glass, decorating glass, icy flowered glass of all types, acrylic plastic sheets, glass doors and fitting and all other articles and things associated with or auxiliary to the business of such manufacture.

2. To manufacture, prepare, import, export, buy, sell and otherwise deal in all kinds of glass, glassware, glass goods, mirrors, looking glass, scientific glass-wares, sheet and plate glass, bangles, false pearls, bottles, phials and all kinds of articles of glass and to carry on the business of glass leveller, patent solverer, glass embosser, ecclesiastical lead worker, glass tablet and show case manufacturer

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