Main Object Of SALES PROMOTION Company

Main Object Of SALES PROMOTION Company

1. To act as selling agents, sales organisers as well as consultants, agents and advisers in all the respective branches and in such capacity to give advice and information and render services to persons, firm, company or body incorporate or authority of Government which may be given or rendered while carrying in such business as aforesaid.

2. To carry on all types of selling and purchasing activities, directly or indirectly (both in internal and external markets, on its own or as sales, purchase or commission agents and brokers), to act as service agents for providing services, after sales and other technical services, to carry on business as marketing and technical consultants.

3. To carry out market research, launch advertisement campaign, to organise sales promotion drives, seminars, exhibitions, fairs, to commence prize winning schemes, contests and to do all such things as may be necessary for the promotion of sales product or article for and on behalf of customers.

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4. To act as business consultants, market research consultants, business transfer agents, valuers and estate agents, and to act as intermediaries in the introduction of sellers, purchasers, partners and employees.

5. To carry on the business of supplying trained sales staff for temporary or permanent employment, and to establish and maintain an employment agency.

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